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Multilingual Web generator and administrator of communicating applications (XML/Ajax/MySQL/ODBC), to install on a PHP5 web server
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28 March 2011

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This is a multi-language web generator. It also helps administer communicating applications, such as XML/Ajax/MySQL/ODBC.

RSEPaw is a free Web software that can let users create, manage and use a large number of applications in your Intranet and Extranet Web sites. A whole range of organization large or small can use it effectively. These intranets and extranets can be in multiple languages and will help administer XML/Ajax/MySQL/ODBC and similar communicating applications. The tool makes the installation of the web pages and these applications easily on the PHP5 servers quite easily. As a web applications generator, it lets someone without much knowledge in computers and without programming skills to build and parameterize pages quickly. The applications can be freely linked between themselves. The tool also is a configurable web site (Intranet or Extranet) through which users reach the created applications. RSEPaw can also be easily inserted into an existing Web site.

The application can also be used as a storage medium obviating the need for file servers. It is a great tool for diffusion and follow-up. The tool can help you extend the life of older applications that work well, but are not user friendly and difficult to expand. You would be able to use it as an analysis tool providing a large set of reports and listings. The tool will be able to manage users and access profiles for the created applications. A manager for the technical maintenance of created applications is another possible role for this tool. This obviously is not for the raw and the uninitiated. The user will need to understand the implications of actions, at least. You will need to understand things about website use, management etc.

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Multilingual Web generator and administrator of communicating applications (XML/Ajax/MySQL/ODBC), to install on a PHP5 web server. No specific knowledge is required to build in few minutes the applications and to use them from a configurable homepage. RSEPaw synthesizes the behaviour and the functioning of all business administration or management applications. That explains why the applications can reach any domain. The applications are integrated, that means they can be freely linked together and so, complex applications can be built. RSEPaw is very easy to use. In the basic use, you do not need to have specific computer knowledge (programming, understanding database structure, understanding data validation, authentication, etc.) : all is done for you, just fill the informations (fields) you want in records. For very specific use, programming interfaces (APIs in PHP/Javascript) are available to developers to program and declare their own applications. RSEPaw integrates a contacts database, organizational charts and a lot of other goodies which settle numerous well known problems, for example adding new fields in an application. . The best way to use RSEPaw is in Intranet, due to the weight of some datas and the length of some process (importing, exporting, backup, ...). Notice that the import/export possibilities allows the dialog with other softwares. So, RSEPaw can become the entry point of almost all the information system
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